3-way light switch hookup How to Install a 3-Way Switch

3-way light switch hookup

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Connect the white wire from the light to the common terminal on the first switch. Reader's Digest Taste of Home Recipes. Mark this wire with black tape to indicate that it is "hot" white wires usually aren't.

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All text shared under a Creative Commons License. Attach the second switch Clamp the second electrical box to the wall and wire a three-way switch, following Figure B.

Make life easier with a three-way switch

Sign Up for our newsletters! When you find the breaker box, locate the breaker that controls the lights for the room you are working on. In the diagram below, a 2- wire NM cable supplies power from the panel to the first switch box.

You can usually use an electrical tester to be sure. Connect the white wire at each end of the new cable to the travel terminal on the right side of the switch. Remove the cover plate to the existing switch the power is off. Switch off the circuit. Sizing the Box The National Electrical Code requires light switch hookup boxes to have sufficient volume to hold all the wires, switches, clamps and other components that you intend to put inside them.

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Required Tools for this 3 Way Switch Project

You will likely need larger boxes than you already have if you are replacing a regular single-pole switch. Cookies make wikiHow better.

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Typical 3- way Switch Wiring Diagram. The upper left screw gets the red wire from the left box 4-cond. Three-way switches are always installed in pairs to control a light from two locations.

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This is located on the top herpes dating website free bottom of the switch, mounted to the frame. The white wires tie together with a wire nut. Pull the cables through the box Insert the cables into a remodeling box from the backside at each box location.

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Motion Detectors and Occupancy Sensors. Connect the wires to the new three-way switches with ground screws using one of the two wiring diagrams Fig. Reader's Digest Taste of Home Recipes.

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Fish cable to the new switch box Cut a hole for the second switch box. Common wire screw - This is located on the left side of the switch, and is a different color than the two traveler terminals.

Ground connection diagram is shown separately.

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