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40 days of dating show, plus: he's sort of jealous she has a boyfriend now.

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He loves the freedom of the single life. It had been a long time since I let a woman into my life.

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When the 40 days ended they posted a last video to the blog in which they read their final diary entries to each other. Before the experiment, I was trying to chase love, in a way.

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She was very excited. Now Tim and I are working on another project. Signed in as Show comment Hide comment. And now we're business partners as well. I wanted to honor our project together with something lighthearted.

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Truthfully, I am quite nervous. Tim disappears on girls soon after things start to get serious.

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Design caught up with Walsh and Goodman about design as therapy, risk-taking in both work and love, and their hard-won dating wisdom. How is that possible? That's who we are!

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I wonder if putting two people together with opposite issues could help. I know this drives certain people a little crazy. I think not having expectations really helps relationships. I think it was a bit soon for this, but our therapist Jocelyn wanted to have a consultation first.

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I might as well have fun in the meantime. I was sort of freaking out after therapy.

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We both teach Wednesday nights, so we went out to dinner after class to the Fat Raddish. I think Lizzy Caplan for Jessica.

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