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I have seen this request come through eHarmony periodically, and as a topic of conversation in online dating communities. Having a hard time picking a name?

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We have lots and lots of practical advice on our blog about staying safe online. Was I from New York?

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He suggested that I remove my panties anyway. But on a general site, you'll also have women who, for example, don't want to date a guy taller than 6'3".

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Share On stumbleupon Share On stumbleupon. He would be looking directly at my chin. It feels like they are saying that tall men are desirable but that nobody would join a site that only had tall women on it.

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I think the problem is we come to this sub and we think every guy is 6'8" and every woman is 6'2". We welcome people of all shapes and sizes to 6 foot tall dating all things tall-related.

Would you date a giant? Why limit female height at all? What you think because you correct someone they will never do the same mistake again? Browse through thousands of tall women and tall men profiles to find the right one just for you and message them today.

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Please enter a valid email address. I'm a short woman, but I work retail and have seen just about every female body time that exists.

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Sooooo many short people in this thread, but yea if I was on a tall dating site I think I would look for women above average in height. I felt no sparks, but no repulsion either. I always looked for a page to meet other tall people. This is exactly it. The creation of your profile is completely 6 foot tall dating of charge.

Then again the drive for a tall partner isn't as high in tall men than it is in tall women, so that wouldn't be 'enough' to draw in a substantial crowd of them. I insisted that we stick around for the Crazy Hat party.

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Yeah it's a tall dating site Very true, but only a small subset of all tall girls are going to be open to it Personal experience, in both good and bad waysand then an even smaller subset of that is not still going to have the preference for tall men.

How'd you hear about us? That puts me 5'10 by bedtime at the 97th percentile, you just happen to be at the 99th.

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Now I'll agree that the 5'5" cutoff for women is probably too low and personally I'd make it 5'8", but just from a percentile standpoint, you don't have to be a 6'2" woman to be considered tall. When was the last time you did this? It's dead in the water that's what it is. My femurs, trunk, head and other parts are all normal sized. Inside, a hundred men and women, five-foot-ten to seven-foot-two, sat around tables.

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I sharply reminded him that some of us were working that evening, and had just spent two hours crawling on a floor with a camera, something best done in sturdy undergarments. Honest to god, I've considered dressing up as Godzilla to terrorise my mother's rural hometown.

Reporting offensive comments is anonymous and encouraged - help make reddit a better place! The database I have built behind the site, requires me to keep within certain ranges, so the options are: So being 5'10 as a woman is the equivilent of being 6'3 as a guy?

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