Are rachel and santana dating Jesse-Rachel Relationship

Are rachel and santana dating

Also, they both sing a solos. Her phone buzzed and she checked it see that she has a text from Quinn saying that she missed her and that her and Britt were having a good time. Character relationship s displayed: Santana blows Finn a kiss by the lockers.

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Schue that while she used to love coming back to Lima before, it now only reminds her of all the things she has lost over the years, presumably not only Finn, but also Brittany and her abuela, and that she doesn't know if she will ever want to come back again. In season 3, they officially called it a relationship in the episode Pot o' Goldwhen Santana hesitantly inquired if they were dating over dinner at Breadstix. Rachel replies that she will.

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Santana sits in the chair right next to Brittany and takes her hands. However, Rachel is not amused, and cuts the strings of his guitar with scissors.

Santana then waits for Brittany after a discussion between the New Directions to leave the choir room together, walking closely together. Rachel thinks that Santana is the most talented person she knows except for Kurt and her.

Brittany discovers, that Pierce, her father, is not her biological father.

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He tells Rachel about this and Rachel wants Santana to make a choice. Duets Finn officially referred to them as "Puckleberry" in this episode, confirming their relationship name.

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The Rhodes Not Taken After Rachel learns about the are rachel and santana dating enhancing pseudoephedrine, she confronts Finn in the hallway about it. They are sitting together in the choir room talking when Mr.

They perform Sing with the rest of the glee club.

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Rolling in the Deep Prom Queen. Sam agrees how is not a date, and hasn't been with anyone since he and Mercedes broke-up. Also the lyrics were changed to the female pronouns from Whitney's original "somebody to hold me in his arms Retrieved from " http: