Dating agency cyrano ep 16 synopsis Dating Agency: Cyrano

Dating agency cyrano ep 16 synopsis

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We got some clarity on Master, and backstory on Byung-hoon on Do-il. It didn't end with some 'And they lived happily ever after'-esque ending with a big fat wedding etc and that was really nice.

I do like it that they showed that MY had several boyfriends before joining the agency, which bucks the usual trend that all these women never experienced love before. Thanks for the recap You know what I mean?

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Min Yeong, the writer tries to compensate by making up plot around them, but the problem is that you have to generate plot harder, which means that the events and conflict look very forced and you use other characters to force the character forward.

I liked the episode It's pretty similar to what Cyrano does and I like the way the show is discussing the ethical implications of their activities despite having good intentions. I shall just forget the Hawaiian shirt guy scenes At first I thought Master hired the agency from the start, but it's soooo much better this way.

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I hope that episode 16 will go back to the breeziness that was the hallmark of the previous episodes Ack, more guilt to shoulder. Everything everyone has listed has had very little bearing on the plot. Requiem July 2, at 4: I really felt for him when he confessed and Min-young let him down. He was not perfect D Seriously, it was amazingly hot.

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If you stick on I'll Teach You Love onto the end of Cyrano movie, it's a pretty good dating agency cyrano ep 16 synopsis overall. Soon the police arrive and Seung-pyo is loaded into the ambulance.

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Related Themes romantic comedy romance comedy friendship matchmaking true love matchmakers flower boys eye candy heart warming. In another words he played Noble Idiot, and second lead, so he went to a foreign country as all of the second leads did. Dream High Korean Drama Synopsis, Thanks for all the good times!

Byung-hoon thinks fast and issues instructions on leads for them to follow. Byung-hoon and Min-young are on it, and head over to the gym to find him.

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I also like the set ups, especially towards the beginning. Thus, Cyrano's tragic fate is changed, the theater is finally reopened, and everyone is ridiculously happy.

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