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Hand-made dovetails are slightly irregular, and only really fit in one way, whereas machine cut dovetails are uniform and are often interchangeable from their original order.

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A finished dovetail joint has great tensile strength and resists being pulled apart. Markings around the dovetails are often visible on the inside or underside of a dating australian furniture.

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By the end of the 18th century, dovetails became very fine and delicate. Soon Uniroyal began asking why a tyre company was making furniture, Featherston remembers.

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The dovetail technique is centuries old and can be dated back to ancient Egypt, where it was used in furniture entombed with mummies. Info Subscribe for unlimited access to news. They had earned it, of course.

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Once a wooden dovetail has been glued it requires no mechanical fastening such as screws or nails. It wilted in the market. Early hand cut dovetails from the 17th century were wide, stubby and crude looking. But it too died, beaten on price by the beanbag.

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Things would only get worse as they began to dating australian furniture with plastics and polyurethane. See Our Antique Furniture. A dovetail is a common type of joint used to connect pieces of wood together. Designers such as Roger McLay, Clement Meadmore and Douglas Snelling expressed the pared-back framing so redolent of handmade modernism. Customers often ask us questions about dating furniture. More broadly, modernity was promoted on several mainstream fronts; most notably Robin Boyd proselytising in The Age.

Back in the midth century, however, an enviable spirit of optimism prevailed. The range of forms is remarkable.


Info Save articles for later. In damp conditions, tannic acid in the oak timber would accelerate corrosion of the nails and drawer fronts were often ripped apart.

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Emerging from a decade-long economic depression, followed by seven years of World War, then material rationing, designers could finally begin to imagine brighter futures. Machine cut dovetails were common use at the end of the s in factory-made pieces. Inspired by nature and liberated by technology, the Featherstons reduced the chair from four legs to one, producing the organic Stem chair. The use of scalloped dovetails can be dated to the s and were only used for a short time. The ingenious polyurethane sphere pops back into shape after it has been sat on.

Then, after years spent like kids playing with new technology, the parent companies shut them down. With the Obo ball he almost attained it.

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It is commonly used in cabinetry to join the sides of a drawers to the front. It consists of a series of pins which are cut so they extend from the end of one board, which interlocks with a series of tails cut into the end of another board. Before the use of dovetails, drawer sides were normally nailed into rebate joints cut in the of drawer front.

What is a dovetail joint?

Despite the harsh assessment, these Australian designs would outlive the short-term expediency to become classics. The beauty of plastic was that you could put the material just where you need it, explains Featherston. Another tip to dating early furniture is to look out for marks made by woodworker using small delicate saws and wood chisels.