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While I have met in a biblical sense my share of German men who are not like the above, I remember those types from my albeit brief stint in online dating.

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Walking the line — Benjamin Vandewalle More Germans for you German-lovers out there! That consisted of Sir Mixalot and other fine rap tunes expressing his desire to kerch dating which I ignored this was the dating in germany blog date.

You however have dated how many men in Germany? My understanding is that this text is clearly violating german laws.

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English-speaking expats living in Berlin and perpetuating this practice is just the height of ignorance to me. The best sex they have is with themselves.!!!

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German men love porn sites and hand jobs … Sorry to be blunt …. This article is absolutely fantastic — it had me in fits of hysterics! And the obvious question should be: If you want a romantic relationship, you really should not use tinder…omfg this really is no dating in germany blog science….

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Immediately after, their attitude became gross. Alix, you are preaching gospel to me.

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I have similar experiences with german women. This is plain racist and ignorant. Before you ask no I am not a wanna be 50 shades of grey imposter, but maybe I am the real life example of a biomechanical tattoo? However, this was not the goal of this article in the first place, instead it was written for one purpose only: Who are you hiring to write your columns?

I wish the Unicode developers had stuck with the traditional option of featuring a fourth monkey specifically for the German man: I cannot stand it any more living here….

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I agree with Holger that the text is an example of what anglo-americans really think about us german. But unfortunately we lived in different countries so could see each other just twice a year.

I love your humour!! You are great writer, but are you a great lover.

So if you have developed your basic senses towards human interaction, you should be able to judge if someone is a fit for you without blaming race on it. With your comments you are just further reinforcing the normality and accepted practice of German bashing.

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Interesting how some, yes often English speakers, behave in their host country. But again, to each their own. I am well educated and looking for an educated and generous German man. Now, in terms of dating I will confess that I have only ever dated non-German ladies.

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German guys are terrible when itcomes to dating. I am also was not so interested in marriage but it was the only way to be together. You can follow Alix on Twitter and Facebook. Before a woman would show her interest in a man through subtle gestures — today it's up to the man to give a furtive glance at most to suggest he likes a woman. I felt like he needs the time to be ready.