Dating in your 30s is like 8 Women On What Dating In Your 30s Is Really Like

Dating in your 30s is like, want more?

I became so much happier with who I am, and didn't feel like I was trying to impress anybody.

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You carried on the conversation with encouragement and your own insight, I think that's pretty awesome. Good thing I've learned to enjoy being by myself. Does the person even want to date you if you have a child?

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I've been walking around giddier than I've been since those early teen days. I am in no way ok with that for 2 reasons.

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All in type of scenario, generally things tend to move very quickly and any type of neglect is recognized and inquired about. She complained about every boyfriend she had. My ex went more than a little bit off the deep end after she left me, and most people left her "team" and got on mine relatively swiftly.

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See you on Sunday? Granted I am 31 so my experience might be very different from someone who is in their late 30s. Ended up being a one night stand.

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Got into your first fight? You would think that people get better at treating each other well and mature emotionally as they age, but NOPE. Instead, focus on what is happening now, and look where you are going next.

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That translates to dating in the sense that there dating in your 30s is like be a lot more dead ends than there used to be - rather than saying "well, that doesn't really sound like what I'm into, but lets see where it goes" you're more likely to say "wait, this person and I do not align on any of the important things, so we probably shouldn't go out again. I fuckin' hate dating!

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I've not personally dated anyone with kids, but if I were to, you need to create some kind of relationship with the kid's other parent I'm not saying be BFFs for the sake of the kids.

Your username is how other community members will see you. I think this is what people try to avoid by hanging on to their current thing, even if the thing isn't a good thing.

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