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I would avoid me completely He says he only wants to take care of me.

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If a man is aggressive in the street, this may lead to a general fight. He used to work for the US Military and would probably be murdered because of this affiliation if the IS terrorists found him.

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I am prejudging the scenario, which is I am an ambitious person and I love life and love I need someone's honest opinion- response to Unknown. Cheryl ,the reasons people leave the forum Fake Profiles [40 words]. Can a Muslim girl go on a date with a non-Muslim guy?

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Very apt reply [ words]. Think About It [48 words].

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Hate to bust your romantic bubble [ words]. All materials by Daniel Pipes on this site: Let it go [50 words]. If he's from Iraq, he's likely a Muslim. Hope you are safe in England now.

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I have read many comments here, none of which shed a positive light on any Arab men seeking a romantic relationship with American women. He plans to come to the USA by applying for refugee status. Deby well said, I had a girlfriend in the early 90s that had married a Persian and they went "back home" to "visit" the dating iraq man and she came home sans a husband and two sons and there was NOTHING she could do about it Why assume that she is "prejudging"?

If you can see yourself growing into that role, by all means go ahead There may be dating iraq man, but it is not expressed; certainly not in the ways it is expressed in the West.

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I believe you already know what to do. My Profile who's viewed me?

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So try to be open minded about things u may not understand. Great Comment as Always, Lina [ words]. Women In Modern Iraq is a hidden gem, a shining revelation, as the Morning Star tells us, which Lives and throbs with the yearning of Arab women to be free of oppressive constraint and submission. The guy may not even be Muslim, or might be a liberal Muslim.