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Wall started the Worcester factory in The gold decoration is in excellent condition also. The craftsmanship is fantastic.

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Finding Your Roots Explore the fascinating family trees of popular figures. The man is missing his lorgnette classes from his right hand and the cane from his left hand. Okay, so that would be the era that we're looking at. We've also done a dating samson porcelain bit more research and have found the exact form listed as a Samson piece.

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There are no markings visible but in the style of Edme Samson ceramics. The salesroom models were sold in by Christie'sLondon. Three or four of us were looking at it at the table and it's a beautiful piece.

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The firm either drew inspiration from other factories, or directly copied their pieces. The glazes utilized by the Samson firm were often glossy and somewhat glassy, the modeling stiffer, or wrong in scalethe decoration was often too heavy, and colors were often inaccurate. Because that's what I was told it was.

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Let's take a quick look to the bottom, and we have the classic Worcester seal mark. He collected them over many years in the '40s and '50s and probably into the early '60s.

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This item is an Samson best tinder hookup lines century-style Chinese armorial export porcelain type vase, made in France in the 19th century. It was really one of his passions. But we don't think it's Dr.

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That was also a bit of a surprise for us. Condition is very good, with one dating samson porcelain having a small chip to wing. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April The Samson Paris France factory mark.

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Vase fitted as a lamp foot, Copy of Chinese export porcelain, decorated in famille verte. It's really the work that we've done in the last 20 years that has brought some of this to light and helped us understand what we were looking at. And the early first period Worcester, which is typically what it's referred to today.


And like I said, there were three of us on it, looking at it, feeling, "What's wrong with it? Also copied by the Samson firm were the early Qing dynasty famille rose and famille verte Chinese porcelains and the so-called " Imari wares", named for the Japanese port where a type of richly decorated porcelain made at Arita was shipped. However, during the same period other companies, such as Jacob Petit of Fontainebleau, were producing reproductions similar to those created by the Samson firm.