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Dating site ms paint

Isn't that a meme from like It may not display this or other websites correctly.

I'm not saying that it won't work, but I would be concerned about what would be landed. ALTernatePersonalityJul 25, Reply Quote 6 1 Reply Last reply. I'm so glad I am not dating now. NotAnotherSwaggotJul 25, It's usually just whoever is in your city, or people who are conveniently at least an hour's drive from you. Now you're presented with this person's profile.

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Otherwise, it's just a massive waste of time and energy. I lol'd hard at: If you got a 9 or 10, the date was a success and you can proceed to dating site ms paint 8. That is just genius!

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Assuming, as any piscatorial enthusiast would know, you bait according to what you want to catch. You're on your first date with this member of the opposite sex! That poor dog being squeezed to death- genuis.

But it's still a funny troll. Kitana0Jul 25, Jul 25, 9.

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Little Dave posts months. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. If the person looks average, roll a d I've seen these before, including at least some of these specific drawings, somewhere; I'm pretty sure it was here. Jul 25, 8.

TheEnd 15, posts months. Looking at the drawing again, the woman's portrait vaguely reminds me of Jack Nicholson, but a Joker reference seems a long shot.

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Didn't click the link, but wow. Isn't information asymmetry awesome?

Triggered by judo chops and cilantro. TheRiversCuomoJul 25, AwesomelyWackJul 25, Jul 25, 3. Guy trolls women on dating site using MSPaint. Jul 25, 1.