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It wants to help you meet a woman who likes working out just as much as you do. How can I get my girlfriend motivated to come to the gym?

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It's also, unfortunately, rife with gym selfiesthe kind that virtually every other dating app tells you to avoid. But really, any way you look at it, the concept's a win-win: For instance, having different workout preferences isn't a dealbreaker — a runner could match just fine with a CrossFitter, provided they approach their workouts with similar gusto.

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If there's a girl in your gym or someone you always see on your running path, who's also on happn, the app will keep track of these moments. The crowds in your local gym after work are proof that fitness is something a lot of us have in common, and more often than not there's plenty of eye candy. You either head to Are you sure you want to log out?

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This way, one can significantly increase their odds at finding someone who has the similar tastes and preferences but also nurtures the same lifestyle as they do.

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It's a social networking forum that coincidentally can group you with the perfect match. The app is currently free on iOS and will launch on Android soon. I think he meant pancake. What makes sweat different is that the focus really is on dating sites for gym rats out.

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Privacy Policy About Us. The girl on the right probably isn't on the actual app, so don't even ask. Okay back from the gym what I miss. Ops still think he is better any Dh guy cuz he haz man tits I mean pecs.

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Log In Sign Up. Beyond the marketing, Gizmodo also hammered on Gymder for its invasive permissions, including access to all of the photos on your phone, and background location tracking even while you're not using the app.

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Sign Up Already have an account? They factor in workout frequency, time of day you're more apt to work out, and what types of exercise you prefer.

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