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Grace Cathedral starred in several famous dramas and movies and is known to be one of the symbolic sites for couples to visit. It's the type of neighborhood that has everything you can imagine but never seems overly crowded. The perfect noon combo! It's also a great place to view Yokohama's impressive skyline.

Hire a guide to bring you around the best sights or challenge your directional skills and explore on your own. The Nikko Guide 01 June Tokyo Tower might stake its own claim to be the best date spot in Tokyo, and it is popular.

2. So many jellyfish at Sumida Aquarium

Roppongi Hills has a fair bit going on in terms of shopping. Here are the 5 Best Date Spots in Tokyo for magical dates, chosen by both locals and visitors. Haneda Airport is currently the biggest airport in Japan, and it is an airport that never sleeps.

And in an area that, prior to its unveiling, was almost exclusively associated with the wanton debauchery of drunk and horny West meets drunk and curious EastRoppongi Hills has come along and injected a dating spots tokyo dose of class.


It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance due to popular demand. Minato Mirai Yokohama's big new port is about an hour from Tokyo. South of the dating spots tokyo park is Shinobazu Pondwhere you can rent a pedal boat and take a lazy trip across the quiet water. Fantastic atmosphere, very good food. Huge ships including cruises pass by Harumifuto to enter the waters of Tokyo, and this serves as a great spot for a stroll in the evening, especially for couples who love photography!

In fact, when you are here, you will enjoy the sunrise, the sunset and everything else in between. Row your boat down the Chidorigafuchi moat Source One of the twelve moats surrounding the Imperial Palace, the Chidorigafuchi is especially famous during the cherry blossom seasons.

Guilhem Vellut Flickr License. For this dating spots tokyo and all of the dating spots tokyo, it is, emphatically the best date spot in Tokyo … … or is it? Despite the small scale of the amusement park, the rides there are as exciting as ever, and it is definitely worth a visit!

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Qu'il fait bon 9. The National Art Center, Tokyo is conveniently located just 1 minute from Bra online dating Station of the Chiyoda Line and is a museum where you can not only indulge in the beauty of art and history, but also in great food! The Starbucks in Roppongi Hills is always busy as they tend to be everywhere in Japan.

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At m high, the Tokyo Skytree is in fact the second tallest building in the World after Dubai. It will be an experience that will only serve to draw you closer. The special performance is also funny, usually the stars of the shows are seals and some kind of birds, like eagle, and if you are lucky you can also participate in the show as well! Have fun planning and see you in Tokyo! The Ultimate Cheapo Guide to London: Having visited Tokyo on several occasions, I can attest to the fact that this city has a versatile yet unique dating spots tokyo of culture, beauty and scenes you will never see anywhere else on earth.

The homemade lemonade is really good and beers are available too, depending on your need for dutch courage be it for the date or Mario Kart. The walk and natural vegetation will ensure you will experience the best of the neighborhood with your better half.

15 Awesome Dating Spots in Tokyo

Very stylish place with super nice and professional staff. Sightseeing tokyo japan city what to do in tokyo?

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Dates at Roppongi Hills can be planned and equally they can be left to chance. The Sunshine aquarium exhibits creatures from seas, oceans, and tropical forest around the world, including sting rays, sunfish, frogs, snakes, penguins, seals, and otters. It's practical to meet where you can both catch a train home.