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Can a year-old girl date a man who is almost twice her age? What should I worry about dating a guy twice my age?

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Aldo called me a kid, smiled at the immature things that would slip out of my mouth sometimes, the weak, childlike pulls for attention.

You have met him, you have fallen in love. That was my experience from dating a much older man.

I have spoken about this to my best friend, who was very supportive but raised two points when I asked her for her honest thoughts. Age is nothing but a number and life is too short to think about other people.

Is there anything wrong with dating a man who is almost twice my age?

Did you have a vasectomy? Tell me about your first date, not the lunch dates, but when it actually turned into dating twice my age. I'm 22 and haven't found a partner yet. You have known this all along, so if you truly want him in your life, you need to stand up and tell the world that he is the man who makes you glow and keeps you happy.

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If I'm going somewhere with her I'll tell him he doesn't have to come. Older guys instantly thought they had a shot. I don't invite her over if he's gonna be here for any length of time. Johnny Depp is 51, after all, while his new wife, Amber Heard, is My husband is 13 years older than me.

He didn't look old. He moved into a house around the corner and started walking to work. So what if he was wrinkly, in all the places you might expect?

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He only wanted validation. On the other hand, as long as you love someone, whatever others think or feel about it, is their problem.

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The best decision you'll make all day. My best friend and I asked Aldo how old he was. But she has me doubting things now. Sometimes his friends came over.

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Secondly, one of the challenges that couples with a big age difference face is what I would call a generational gap, and this is what you are afraid of. What did your mom think of her? But I did it anyway. I accept that I am likely to have a long widowhood, but my dad married a woman his own age and he's been a widower for over 30 years. If they are, what's the best way to approach one?