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Birth, Life, Death, Birth. Which ever way I don't think Jesus died just to wait years later to have a true church.


Now, how can you claim that this church is the true church and there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church? Previous Sabado ba o Linggo ang Araw ng Kapahingahan? He thus revives the ancient heresy of Apollinarianism. In any case, Soriano understands the word Godhead in the same sense it is commonly used in theology, that is, to denote the union of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the three divine persons taken together.

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Errors abound in others of his sermons and teachings as well. It's too bad--shocking and alarming!

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I am debate dating daan vs catholic by this comment. Christ did institute apostolic authority.

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Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men's hands. If you'll come to understand the things in the bible, you'll also dare yourself.

Mag reply ka Bro. Review your RCC doctrines As a matter of fact I was once a favorite of a Belgium priest and a Belgium nun. I want you to note that this magazine came from inside the Vatican itself. Don't you even feel that something is wrong here?

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Moreover, its doctrines are in contrary to the bible. Perez baptized him, and made him a minister, the only other minister in the whole church.

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It is impossible for Him to lie. If hot air containing a large amount of moisture is rapidly cooled, the air suddenly will no longer be able to hold that moisture, and the water vapor will condense. The former prays in places they may be seen of men. Can you blame us?

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Now, as noted above, Godhead is used three times in KJV. Ilitaw mo puno mo.