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Both unable to defend towers after enemy team gathered to just push. All the purely game related calls are made in ingame chat as well, just would expect the random to get sick of all the non or partially game related stuff being said if it was all ingame.

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AfterLife EU I wish I had your games. This is extended to different degrees - each player will dominate up until their skill level inhibits them from doing more.

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Topson EU The difference in experience between 40 games and games is considered to be about the same as the difference between games and The DP spent the entire game swearing at me on microphone. He said he'd guess. This isn't a problem with party mmr, it's a problem with not enough harsh punishments for people who abuse the system.

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Match quality is presumably determined by a players behavior score. BoraNija EU It would be much better for me to watch a 4k or 5k player than to watch, say, rtz. There is simply no reason to have Captains Mode in non 5-stack VS 5-stack matchmaking.

Not even real teams use it.

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I believe that extended queue times to about 15 mins will be acceptable by the Dota community as long as the people in those games are similar skill level. That said, I don't really like the idea of "party of 4".

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Immortal Treasure II Jun. All I said I don't think it's something they didn't put significant thought into. Does that make sense? Don't have an account?

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Personally, playing in SEA with an average search time of 1 minute or less, i won't mind having a slider to let me search longer, but better matched games. Matchmaking for ranked should take into consideration all players Solo MMR and you should have to be calibrated Solo to play Party.

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Jabz EU Puppey EU Your username is how other community members will see you. As for incentives to Team Matchmaking, 2 matchmaking group me, it'll only open to exploits and cause more harm than good to teams that actually want to play it. RvP- EU Even if you forced the matchmaker to take solo MMR into account, there's nothing stopping the smurf from simply juggling 2 different accounts.