Gibson j 45 dating Need help dating Gibson j45 (trying to find out if it is fake)

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The time now is Letter between the batch number and the order number. For all models, the serial number on the back of the headstock is stamped.

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Tuner position moved towards the nut, giving more room of the banner logo on the peghead face. I understand this isn't a big deal and pretty common?

Need help dating Gibson j45 (trying to find out if it is fake)

Look at the fretboard wear - whoever owned it loved D and G and C2 - - lol. Acousticologist, what a great find!

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Gibson serial numbers tosolidbody model. For this reason, the array of four-digit serial number was exceeded after What could be the build date of this guitar.

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I found that it had an FON. I used the factory order number to date it to Two piece bookmatched Sitka spruce top.

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Be aware that the Gibson J was not first produced until The letter preceding the batch number in the FON, and indicates the year of production. With that number, if it has "Made in the USA" on the headstock it's probably from the 70's.

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This style of J with the striped pickguard and circle logo tuners ended around FON Adjustable bridge saddle optional named the JADJ, not desirable due to decrease in tone! See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year. Would love to hear your thoughts.