Going back to friends after dating How To Stay Friends After the Break Up

Going back to friends after dating

You need to have time apart, without being in contact with each other, in order to move into this new phase of your life. Before you may have dropped everything to see each other and spent whole days chatting on IM. I don't know if with the way he is acting that it is possible to go back to just friends or if he even wants to. I nth folks above who recommend you mimic his behavior minus the asshole aspect.


I asked him what was up and got a "I like you a lot, but not in that way" speech, which I expected. I am friends or at least amicable with all but one of my exes counting serious relationships only, not two week flings or the like. As far as breakups go, it was actuall going back to friends after dating noble -- he said that he had a bad habit of getting swept up in something quick, but then changing his mind, and then stringing them along for another month or so and then doing a disappearing act Yes, if both people have the desire and maturity to make it happen.

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If you handle this successfully, I predict a lot of good things will come out of it. Let the other person go and you get to leave too. Sid freaked out a little and realized he couldn't handle it.

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Sometimes the issues that broke you up as a couple are going to be the same ones that keep you from being friends afterwards. So how do you get past it? Be civil, but nothing more. You said that you weren't very close before, and if you want to go back to that, well, it seems like that's sort of where you are now.

Say hello to him, say goodbye to him, and then only what is absolutely necessary. Be glad it happened so early on, you don't have much to loose as I see it. It's possible that he broke up with you because he doesn't like you "in that way" and it's possible he just doesn't enjoy spending time with you very much which isn't equivalent to he hates you, just that he doesn't think you click very well.

Mention that yeah, you've moved on and are going back to friends after dating for other guys, but that you're not leaking intimate details about it 'cause it's a dick move and not something friends-just-friends do to each other. Unfortunately, it is pretty common so don't feel bad and move on. Some breakups are even about things other than wanting to see other people, and occasionally, people who enjoy dick sometimes are the ones getting dumped rather than the ones doing the dumping.

Ran with a crowd for a while -- two couples, "Sid," and me. So what do you do?

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Going from friends to more-than-friends to back to friends, successfully. But if it seems like it's a no go, then damnit.

Her choice doesn't reflect on you. You seem like a cool person also, so I think that once the bruises heal, this friendship will be good for you both again.

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He probably gets away with it because he is charming. And those friendships can last a lifetime.

He is a cool dude, that I like spending time with, and I'm not so good at making close friends, so I don't want to lose one if I can help it. I think it's possible.

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Sorry -- the moral is, yeah, it's possible -- but only if you let the dust settle a little bit first. Is there something I can do to help this along? Many people have had it happen including me.

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After a few months this turned into a phase of mutual unresolved sexual tension, with each of us suddenly realizing "hey Your options are to sit him down and ask him where you both stand, or just back away. Over time we became closer friends, flirted a hell of a lot, and eventually began a relationship.

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