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So she does not have all her eggs in one proverbial hook up tanning bed She has mentioned horror stories.

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I am thinking its not an actual 2 pole breaker, but a twin single pole. Originally Posted by Bydand. Because the circuit is not tripping immediately this would not indicate a direct short, so I believe there may be a component that is not right.

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It appears to me that the neutral white wire isnt used. She lives in a condo and the the breaker box looks pretty standard to me. If you have the same as the OP, it is a V machine!! Cap the white wire and do not use.


If you do not have a password but you own a tanning bed or tan at home insert your email address and strike submit link. Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Additional giveaways are planned. Think of the last time your lights dimmed when the air conditioner turned on.

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Tanning beds are just a huge fluorescent fixture with about 16 ballasts or more, and of course a fan or fans to keep those cool. The fact that you used wire causes me wonder. Is it possible you used a tandem half size v breaker instead of a v breaker?

What else do you think it could be?

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Sinking Springs 15 posts, readtimes Reputation: In the simplest form, a tanning bed is a large lamp fixture. White and black of the cord set go to L1 and L2 on the tanning bed. While this is a far more convenient way to tan, it does mean you as an individual are responsible for having the adequate power and wiring to run the bed. December 31, at 3: