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How do you recover from dating a narcissist

Somehow I found an article on covert narcissists and awoke to the facts. Soulless and people who have one, do not mix well.

Why would you want someone who treated you that way? He becomes hyper-focused on the pursuit, learning all he can about her and using mirroring techniques to transform himself into exactly what she wants. Their couple counseling is on an individual basis she ended the couple sessions after he repeatedly lied to the counselor.

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His humiliation knows no end, he has got all kinds of secrets to tell the world about me. I met my ex seven years ago. NPD does not discriminate on the basis of sex.

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I just got out of the wourlwind of a narc. He goes out to dinner frequently and to concerts, but incapable of paying people back. The literature on malignant narcissism is extensive, yet many are not informed about the dangers of being involved with someone whose character or actions tend toward narcissism.

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People with narcissistic characteristics may be prone to causing harm by invading personal boundaries, lying about future possibilities in relationships, engaging in abuse, and exhibiting no empathy or remorse for emotional harm they have done. Be happy in your life. In my case, the trigger for his rage and pathological lying would often be me pulling away or being assertive, even though he had already broken up with me quite definitively. I even went to counseling and they never saw it which made me feel even more isolated and confused.


One of many small but nasty behaviours. Cut off his supply.

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Originally he was going to sell it and I was all for that, just to get him away from me and family. He takes all I have, and uses the pattern of a threatning voice to control me.

My kids are 6, 5 and 1what can I do. He moved into my house and would not help with bills, etc.

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I should not feel envy but sorry for her. I would want to be sure they were the love of my life first.

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