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How to know youre dating the right girl

Finding a way to motivate yourself day in and day out can be a daunting task — if not impossible altogether.

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When those little scuffles and arguments build up and get under your skin, they weigh on each partner and can eventually drive people apart. Communicating is easy because you can talk to her, and I mean really talk to her. This is one reason I could never understand remaining celibate until after the wedding day — if the sex is really bad then you're going to have a difficult time being happy within the partnership.

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You feel that natural instinct to want to love her and protect her even if you know she can completely handle her own. Three strikes is forgivable, four strikes is a bit sketchy, and as for five or more—don't make us say, "We told you so. If she cares, worry. Here are the 11 traits of a good girlfriend. So how can you be sure you've found the right one?

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You should be able to laugh and be silly with her. Truth be told, I only came to understand it recently.

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How To Love An Empath. Plain and simple, you want to be with her.

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They spend thousands of dollars on a wedding and a honeymoon to find out, a few years later, that they were never really that into it. Which is why you should consider these 10 questions about your gal before offering her a permanent position.

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More content from YourTango: What does she want to do? One little grudge fosters resentment and can destroy a relationship. Someone who isn't comfortable in their own skin is holy hell to deal with.

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