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Guess I might as well post these. Ryder Houghton I'm Ryder Houghton.


Like for example, Jael hasn't been on the show recently, because she's been working on "Fact or Faked". I know I would if I were him - make money off his fame. This page is dedicated to answering popular questions from fans about josh gates, anything related to "destination truth.

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Erin Leigh Ryder August 14, age 36 The program follows paranormal researcher Josh Gates around the world to investigate claims. Anyway, hes never dated Ryder and he isnt dating Jael. But maybe he's not allowed to do that for contract reasons.

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You can see he added a bail to it later since the earlier photos show no bail just the compass tied to a hemp rope and in later photos you see a bail attached to make it hang neater. But then she was dating one of the camera men or is josh dating ryder like that. He was the host and co-executive producer of Destination Truth on Syfy, formerly the Sci Fi Channela weekly one-hour show filmed in remote locations around the world that explores some of the world's mysteries and unexplained phenomena.

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His zodiac sign is Leo. His crew takes jobs with other shows and projects.

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Maybe she's part of the benefit package for employees of the show. There's so much buzz about it on the net you'd think he'd create one a replica and sell it.

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I am at least glad that the Travel Channel has started to air Destination Truth. Choose a video to embed.

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Destination Truth - Chullachaqui Bermuda Triangle was released on: There's a video on YouTube with him talking about it on a radio call in show and there are numerous photos of it in the video. Hallie Gnatovich and Josh Gates have dating hud mar He's said that he's not dating any of his female team members or former team members.

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