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Retrieved from " https: I'm so glad I downloaded Meetme 4. Eventually after asking many girls out through posts you get some fun. It use to be a great place to meet new friends and it has turned into a dating site, which has led to a lot of sickos sending nudes and sexually harassing women and fakes, lots of fakes I got my account deleted for no reason last night with 78, in diamonds on my account.

He's lying im sure. It has most the features free Others don't.

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Some can post bikini pics some can't some can be racist and ppl saying that's wrong get booted? Lunch Money earned playing games was usable elsewhere on the site. But don't join to "make friends" because no body there wants to make friends, they dating pisces man taurus woman friends with benefits. I found my husbands profile on meet me. In fact if you happen to post pictures of yourself don't be surprised if you find someone else using yours photos to Catfish people.

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Please i request you to delete that id from meet me. Can someone is a dating site me does that mean two months or what? This change is because "Yearbook" means more about meeting friends from the past while "MeetMe" would convey the meaning of users making new is a datings site, which is what the website is intended for. I felt it was necessary to save others from this huge waste of time and Fraud.

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I prefer WJF all things considered but MeetMe still has some potential and so much depends on where you are and how many members these kind of sites have in your area. Certainly not a site for meeting people! First try to get as much info as you can. See all answers 1. None of which were true.

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We have too many sickos and dating sites already. All I ever saw there or talked to was alcoholics, sex addicts, mental issues, abusers and uneducated people from all walks of life. This is not MeetMe's fault, of course. Even use a photo of someone off the internet but make her realistic' not a model.

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Started off legitimately looking for a Man but of course failed and finally gave up looking on here as of 3 months ago due to it being a site for hookups Only. Every other post of mine is either able to be posted or is not, I'm not sure if it's an automatic filter or what, but I feel personally targeted and gangstalked by the admin of meetme.

I think humanity needs to stop hiding from its shadow, and first nature, at that.

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Social network analysis software Diaspora software Web 2. I would like my Dimonds credited to my new account.

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So here I repost it and try again thinking maybe it was the system. Pages using deprecated image syntax.

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Saying he is a Pilot is trying to hook someone by thinking he is important. The website seems to target alpha men who are confident in speaking their minds as adults, and acts as parents to people who are adults, or already have parents, frankly, I don't want to be a part of a website that censors any mundane or otherwise sentiment, opinions, thought forms-constructs.

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Send you a photo of his license with his name and photo showing. Someone has infultrated my mobile number i am currently getting calls and texts from random people all times of day and night. If you get anyone to block you for any reason doesnt matter if it is true. Dating is certainly a bit part of MeetMe, but a lot of users and members go here in order to find friends.

Often with sites like these, we would recommend something like Zoosk.