Luna dating rumors SM Entertainment Denies f(x)’s Luna’s Dating Rumors

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Reina September 22, at Look at your life, look at your choices, SM. Guest September 22, at This whole "purity" thing among idols is really weird.

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Can't really tell just based on those few pics. What the heck is the point in denying?

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Reem alnori September 22, at Even if she were dating, this would do absolutely nothing to the group. Song Hye Gyo's wedding dress labeled as Christian Dior.

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Lol they don't like just friends lol. September 22, at Could be a non celeb No, there are delusional fans. More in All Read More. That's luna dating rumors part of the lyrics.

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Lacin September 22, at Person's probably bitter cos he can't get a girl despite being tall, we all know height doesn't effect your more important size so whelp. Come on give me some YG idols.

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Daya October 1, Just let them date. She is literally friends with everyone.

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Bitter haters just stfu will you', 'timestamp': SM "Luna was on her way to church with a friend" denies dating rumors Source: