Mackie cr1604 hookup guide ADAT to Mackie 1604 wiring hookup diagram

Mackie cr1604 hookup guide

Jeff Evans Max Output Level: I don't remember the power amp brand.

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I am currently using my new Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 as my main interface which I bought because the Layla was causing some problems within Sonar on my new home built DAW. I unhook the house speaker and hooked up the monitor at the mixing board itself and nothing.

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If you have any drawing I would appreicate it. You may know this but those speed dating stratford london points on the first 8 channels are rather interesting in how they work.

Now to what I would like to do with all this: Gonna have to bone up on the manual. Alternatively I could have both interfaces set up the way I do now, have the Scarlett going directly out to the monitors and the Layla going out to the board.

I am hesitant to do it that way though due to the problems I had with dropouts on the Layla.

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Perhaps a little overkill but I hookup guide since my room isn't treated and I can't afford ARC or a proper mastering house to polish my stuff this will be my best shot a getting my mixes to sound good across a variety of systems. But you need a good understanding of it. The input stuff isn't quite as important as the output routing because I can only record one instrument at a time but there will be times when I'd like to have more inputs.

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Cheers, dude and thanks for popping in. I unplugged the house speaker and I plugged the monitors to where the speakers were and they still didn't work. I let you know if this worked.


Im not sure but wouldnt it be best to have the monitors connected to the interface that are the Master Outs from Sonar so your here exactly what Sonar is doing. Here is a link to the manual: Originally Posted by jeff The line outs are why I originally bought it years ago so I could record a full drum kit or do band demos using my old Layla 3G which has 8 ins and outs. Just stiffs in suits blathering through a mic likely limited to one channel. I forgot about all that stuff.