Nyc hookup spots The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in New York City

Nyc hookup spots

Try the short rib sandwich and housemade burger with tater tots.

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There's a sneaky downstairs you can get to all the way in the back. Been waiting years for this place.

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Large washrooms with lots of s. Hot dudes aside, the Levee's got Big Buck Hunter, a dirty unisex bathroom hello and the aforementioned cheese balls, so there's plenty to enjoy even if you're not getting laid.

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Niagara is owned by an invisible supergroup fronted by turnup gatekeeper Johnny T and hookup spots Jesse Malin, whose professed nostalgia for Old New York unfortunately leaves no mark on the neon interior. I walked into Joshua Tree, settled down at the only open seat I could find, and ordered my beer. The food is clean and delicious.

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Great for a group. I hookup spots like a ghost of a single person.

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The bartender came over and passed me a drink token. Like, when you have to pee?

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There is another restroom at teh other end of the food court that is good too. Chicken noodles were really tasty.

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A great selection of wine with a continuing developing bar menu. Imagine a Mediterranean version of chipotle and that's Cava Grille!

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Though Skinny Dennis is or should be best known for originating the delectable Uncle Willie's Frozen Coffee Drinkthis oft-crowded Williamsburg honky-tonk joint is also one of the best pick-up spots in Brooklyn. Pricier than Dig Inn, but also better. Iced green tea makes a nice addition.

Whatever the aphrodisiac, a night out here is guaranteed to get weird, like a strange man biting you on the face weird, and if you will it, you will get laid. May the L train have mercy on our souls.

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One of the coolest spaces on the block. Wonderful flavor, chopstick friendly, and dang goodness those hand-boiled noodles are textureful. Chicken and pork tacos were awesome!