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Pretty little liars hookup chart

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Pam and Wayne were married and they had Emily. If anything, they might stop your brain from hurting. Mary Drake became pregnant with Spencer after she slept with Peter.

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Peter slept with Mary Drake because he thought that she was actually Jessica, who he had had an affair with. He was one of the best PLL dads. Veronica is married to Peter and their children are Melissa and Spencer.

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The Fields family are laughing when it comes to family trees. So after getting all of these answers, we thought it was about time we made some official PLL family trees. We also found out that even though Veronica wasn't Spencer's biological pretty little liars hookup chart, Peter was her biological dad, which just opened up a big old can of family tree worms.

S7 E17 Driving Miss Crazy.


S7 E19 Farewell My Lovely. Jessica was married to Kenneth and their children are Alison and Jason, but then we found out that Jason's biological dad was actually Peter. Tom and Ashley then divorced and Tom remarried Isabel who had a child called Kate. S7 E18 Choose or Lose. S7 E21 Pretty Little Liars: However, we recently found out that Spencer's biological mom is Mary Drake. It just gets easier and easier! Byron and Ella were married and they had Aria and Mike.

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Which PLL family is your favorite? Years later, Byron and Ella got divorced, but then they got remarried.

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Tom was married to Ashley and they had Hanna. In S7E14, the identity of Charlotte's father was finally revealed and it was none other that Ted Wilson. Isabel became Hanna's step-mom and Kate became her step-sister.

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Tell us in the comments. As you can see from the diagram, this one's a toughie. Sadly, Wayne died in Season 6 and we're still getting over the loss. Watch the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars right here on Freeform!

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