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See the videos When youngsters appraise science and their actors As for the afternoon face-to-face discussions, they provide researchers with unique opportunities to remind and insist that an appropriate understanding of the scientific method is a prerequisite to developing a critical mind, which is useful to all aspects of the citizens' lives. During these speed meetings, each youngster had the chance to meet about ten scientists: They have been chosen for the high quality of their answers, the relevance of their reflection and their interest for science.

On the end of the day, both youngsters and scientists answered a satisfaction questionnaire, and success was indeed there.

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This survey, filled with information, thus concludes on the youngster's hesitant relation to science but confirms that scientists themselves are relied upon. Share on Facebook Partager.

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Posted in Scientific speed dating. Yet researchers win praises: Share on LinkedIn Partager.

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At the morning conference debates, hosted in the Great Hall of Sessions, youngsters may form an ever more accessible notion of the various scientific fields. Share on Twitter Partager. Thus, the idea emerged to pursue such exchanges during the rest of the academic year, especially with cycles of conference debates in the young participants' high schools, as a form of mentoring.

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