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Lu and Churchill,p. Massumi explains that a concept is chosen, and a certain paragraph or paragraphs containing a concept are assigned to readers. But what should they fix? These are speed dating tools and will stand up for you at the different stations.

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My favorite app these days is Pinterest- an oldy by a goodie. How it works An event aimed at enhancing IT literacy and innovation among UCLA Faculty, through tech speed-dating, faculty are introduced to productivity good songs to hook up too in minute intervals that will help save them hours in their teaching and research.

In this case, trolling by a small minority was more fun than offensive and certainly productive. It calls for meaning, allows for it, but is never filled and complete. What I say [ Repeat this process for times or until everyone moved back to their starting points.

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The summary of how these two methods were used and an AAR on them is available at: Volunteers will have 10 minutes to explain what a particular productivity tool can do, give a brief demo, and show how to get started. Did the event enable creative thinking? There were several key reasons why this was not the best approach, namely: In part one it notes the popular perspective that reading on a platform like Facebook involves all of the problems of reading online — distraction of the reader and limited depth of engagement with text — in order to offer a vision described earlier: Both academic literature e.

Massumi reiterates the same argument some years later: What did you learn that you might apply tomorrow in your work? Follow us to join the conversation.

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Many of us are worried about bicycle safety. When text and readers are in immanence, readers do not occupy a privileged, transcendent position in relation to text; readers do not add meaning to a text, but meaning is produced from the space-time singular to the event of reading itself Massumi, Do topics other than technology topics Allow people to go to the stations of their choice rather than rotating in a fixed group good for very large groups As the groups doing the rounds to take key notes at each station for the debrief.

Such a discussion is one that does not depend on what the speed dating tools already knows — for students, their level of preparation in advance of a given class.

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Do you want new ideas for Interactive Science Notebooks? With this emphasis on the newness of thought comes an idea of thinking as mobile, dynamic, non-linear and not orientated towards conclusions. This is not the point, just as evaluating CSD this way is pointless.

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In CSD, text-based questions are designed to focus attention on the text itself, not the knowledge one may already have about the text being analyzed. You may need to intervene. It is necessarily based on a type your type generalized from your persuasion profile and employing the same motifs, themes and desires [ 35 ].

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I'm cheating a bit since it's not one app, but a collection of apps. This resource is part of the Earth Science Entire Curriculum. Science safety rules foldable.

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The most unique characteristic of Facebook is its role today as a reading technology. From personal observation, some students had trouble on Facebook keeping up with discussion threads.