Starbucks employee dating policy 12 Ways To Get Fired From Starbucks

Starbucks employee dating policy, december 05, 2006

I'm dating a barista and I'm a shift supervisor, and my DM and everyone in the district seems to know about it. However, like everyone else says, be careful.

I worked with my girlfriend at a restaurant for a few years.

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In Canada, if you're fired for it, you can always report it to the ministry of labour and such. That said, I have seen it work out but if it doesn't go well it drags the whole store into a mess, so just be cautious. According to Sbux policy that is perfectly fine. Is that a bigger problem? Get Thrillist in Your Inbox. Perhaps you misunderstood; that part came after I was done addressing official policy and was simply talking about the issues of dating a coworker. Could you give me a little advice.

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I tell him I don't want to. In my district, relationships between stores are encouraged! And yet if I was the SM, I wouldn't want to know. Check out this one-bedroom condominium with fireplace, swimming pool, exercise room, free indoor parking in Evanston, which is across from one Starbucks and within walking distance of three others.

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They couldn't stop flirting when they were around each other, to the detriment of customers and anyone who was trying to communicate with them, and when things went badly, they got all snipe-y with each other and literally couldn't work together.

My store manager stops just short of trying to set baristas up with eachother Has anyone been here before?!? This EAP article may be of interest to you. That is a very forward way of letting him know you are interested. It will only complicate things. My first thought here is that if your attention is not what she wants, you are looking at employee dating policy a nice harrassment chat with your manager. You fall in love with the ASM of store B.

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Submit a new link. I don't remember a thing from First Impressions or the partner manuals about baristas dating each other.

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I don't think it's entirely inappropriate. IF you do it, try not to make it known.

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In my experience growing up in Starbucks started at 18, still employed at 25 and inevitably dating other partners, my best advice is:.