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Europe Although there are some definite trends in European dating apps, unsurprisingly, success rates tend to vary when comparing Eastern and Western European countries.

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OneReceipt is the answer. Tinder and Happn are popular in South America as well, while other apps such as BadooYellowand Down Dating are also popular in the bigger countries. The MileHi Messenger app connects you with fellow flyers.

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Sometimes, solo travelers are looking for companions too when they visit places. You just have to keep your receipts.

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For those who wish to keep things travel dating apps and avoid any romantic expectations, just be straightforward and honest from the beginning about your intentions. It is a mobile application that puts people in touch with others who want to do threesomes— And so on. They stand by their motto that "flying sucks, but people don't" and have made it their mission to make your flight more interesting.

Tourbar has millions of members from all over the world and thousands of trips available in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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It serves both Android and iOS and is aimed at men and women around the world — in fact, they boast of having been the source of many marriages. If you are not close-minded or conservative, you know what you want.


This variety in the dating app market has led many people to rely on social networks like Facebook and Instagram in their search for love, and many people swear by this method, forging apps entirely. Some because they have a steady partner, others because they want to meet new people, or because their schedules never match friends, more and more people are travelling alone every day. Paper receipts are a pain in the ass.

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The point is not to give up on dating… You just might find love! They degrade over time.


The same safety rules that you follow at home apply overseas. Whether you're looking to travel with someone, show them around, or visit them in their hometown, Miss Travel offers it all. Seriously, think about that. Filter your search by travel dating apps or location — either option saves you loads of money — and get ready to meet some locals.

The digital matchmaking app lets you make friends ahead of time by connecting you with other travelers or locals before your trip. Open the apps and look at the endless choice of activities that are available in that area.