Weight loss surgery and dating Relationships After Weight Loss Surgery: Real Experiences & Advice

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The choices you make for food are vital to your health. Click here to write your own. Jen and John met through an online dating site.

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I could care less. So you have had surgery, you are following all that your surgeon instructs you to do. Watch her transformational video on Vimeo.

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Could your spouse or partner become jealous now that others are noticing you more? I don't need the knowledge about being obese I think that I'm fully knowlegable about the topic it wasnt a rash desicsion and I had been doing all the things I should for the last 7 years I weigh right now it wasnt about being obese that I did it and that shouldnt matter unless you wanted to really know me, I just wanted to know if guys would accept it or judge it I would have no problem dating her, the question is whether or not she would have a problem dating me since she was once in the same position I am in now, being a bigger person.

I don't mean to piss folks off but I probably will If yoad skipped the mental work of discovering yourself first, would your relationships with men have been successful?

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No direct offense at any of you ladies intended, I'm simply curious as to your reasons for resorting to surgery as your ultimate weight loss method Not to worry, a growing portion of North American society shares that mentality I have exercised my ass off since before I was a teenager its in my genes to be this size, this is a tool to use to acheive my goal weight not a miracle cure and I will be doing major exercising to get where I weight loss surgery and dating to be but some of us need to be smaller to do that cardio in the first place.

We get along with the general public OK, and don't make bad dates unless you take me to a steak house and order me a steak, rare, and try to make me eat it, and then I get a little testy -- and I've only been thrown out of a FEW places -- but that's beside the point I hesitantly pulled out my "former" picture, and told him I'd had surgery.

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A person who does not think she is good enough to be loved, very often has a low sense of self-worth. I know some guys wouldn't date an overweight girl but what if she was loosing the weight loss surgery and dating So I guess vegetarians are out too, LOL! Lap band is only one of the many wls procedures. Parents play a huge role in these unhealthy patterns, for example; some parents make you eat the whole plate, although you are full eating some, others reward you with food, some comfort you with food, and these are terrible habits to show your children.

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This will be your guidepost for helping you find the right person. Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [? I can't say why I haven't dated much other then I believe the guy needs to ask the girl old fashioned and they just haven't asked.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Relationships After Weight Loss Surgery: The gastric bypass means there is less consumption because of a fuller feeling sooner average stomach is fist size, after surgery is only walnut sizealso, there is less absorbtion of nutrients, which is the reason that throughout life after surgery there are required vitamins, etc, as malnutrition can occur if a proper diet is not followed.

I kept diligent notes from each relationship so I had something to look back on and tweak my criteria for finding my Mr.

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I wouldn't care what she did to get herself fit and healthy, if it took surgery good for her. If she's got to do the 'chew it and spit it in a cup' thing, then no.

Dating after Weight Loss Surgery: One Patient's Story

That's silly to me. Before you use any of the information provided in the site, you should seek the advice of a qualified medical, dietary, fitness or other appropriate professional.

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This lack of self-worth comes from a lack of self-love. Do you have a picture to add?

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