When did cry and cheyenne start dating Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew

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His perspective to this might be mostly- if not entirely- self-central. Like I know Anon said that Cry is at least taking steps towards realizing shit, but what if she reels him back in? That's weird, no matter how you slice it.


Of course, he did bring it up so he might've done something without Russ even saying something. For example, I have a friend from college whose 16 year old son actively play flirts with me and there's no harm in that as long as nothing comes from it even though it's legal in my state.

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Cry and Cheyenne are happily dating. She even replied to his last tweet. I witness it happen it before and I guess this friend knew too. I don't think the whole "it's military singles dating online a few years" thing is an excuse. I like the way you think, though.

I feel like Cheyenne would've had a very public bitch-fit. Definitely worth a ban, shouldn't even had to be thought about. It's funny how much happier he sounds with his friends rather than his own gf or whatever she is. I'm not trying to fight so agree to disagree.

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Which sucks if he's going with it, which is what it looks like. There needs to be at least one person on the crew that won't take Cheyenne's bullshit. We're talking about the fact that Cry flirts with minors, not just Ocean since Cheyenne was one too when they started dating. He always happens to show up just as they're inviting others. She's not even relevant.

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It's literally just been shit posts lately. She threw us away when she started dating Jund. I'm really really nervous for Saturday, though. It's been a few years. This is what happens.

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Even if Cry is stupid enough to stay with her, she shouldn't be on the streams when she doesn't bring too much to the table and most people don't like her, on stream and off. He also said that "Green isn't even my Cry's color! I didn't even realize all of this went down involving her until it got mentioned here. It's a brand new thread.

She probably has no idea who she is.

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Zieg followed the account almost immediately. If anything, she's a bit of a mess, but she's also young, and I mean, shit, some of us were when did cry and cheyenne start dating off at that age. I personally don't think drinking is bad for her age, especially since we all drink even earlier than that. I have no idea, guys. Man, I actually got my hopes up this time, it really seemed like it might be IT.