When should i have a dating scan Ask a midwife: When should I get a dating scan?

When should i have a dating scan

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A dating scan can detect a few things:. Just relax and don't tense up as much as possible. My periods have been very irregular and I think I may have conceived on CD When is the best time to get a dating scan done: Anyone had a dating scan? I actually wished I had waited until I was over 7 weeks because with this scan it showed I was measuring 5 when should i have a dating scan behind which caused me to freak out for the next 48 hrs until I realised the margin of error on the scans.

I said yes because I really wanted to see it on the screen!

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Started by bethiewMay 31 Sex with my ex brought on a 51hr labour. An epic birth story. Posted 31 May - If I were you I would go as close to 7 weeks as possible just for the comfort of hearing the heartbeat, though it could be difficult if you don't know how far along you are. It's not large, and they don't have to put it in very far.

Forums home What do you think? Pap smears are about times worse IMO. So I'm due for another scan on Wednesday.

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Cork dating singles leave is a special time for you, your partner and your new little bundle. Money might be funny in a rich man's world or so ABBA told usbut for the rest of us it's a major consideration — particularly before having a baby.

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I knew it would be pointless. I went in for a dating scan at about what I believed to be 4 weeks. If you can wait for longer before having your scan please do! Also, do they cost or are they bulk billed?

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I went to the imaging centre at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond. If you go earlier - I went at 5 weeks 5 days they do a vaginal scan - which while uncomfortable and a bit cold is not even as bad as a pap smear - really nothing to worry about - and as my gp said cold heartedly - if you are going to have a baby you might as well get used to people poking around down there!

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If you have it too early you risk not seeing much which causes unnecessary worry. They tried the abdominal scan first and couldn't get a clear heartrate reading, so they had to do a vagina scan instead. The 24 baby names on the verge of extinction this year If you're on the hunt for the perfect baby name and don't want a chart-topper like Oliver or Olivia, then do we have the list for you.

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Edit profile Email subscriptions Mums Say reviews Log out. This wasn't so bad and the internal scanner is really quite small. Language development may start in the womb Study found babies can recognise foreign languages before birth. The dirty truth about blowing out candles on a birthday cake Germaphobes beware! It was painless and fine. My scans were bulk billed but this could be different depending on where you go? The vintage childbirth images that will make you grateful you're living in the 21st Century.

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